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Welcome to The ECD Show's first capturing episode. The ECD Show is all about invoking challenging aspects relative to the child minders' predicaments around the world. Earnestly, we embark on upgrading Early Childhoold Development centres in trying to source out donors and manners of injecting funding and/or finance into the ECD fraternity

We, further, mud our hands in pushing to pull the sophistication level of the child minders and/or ascertain better ways of dealing with involved parastatals concerned in various child factors, departments and affections. Thereby, making available archives through these actions and interventions with affected ECD centres and stakeholders for future referals on behalf of the interested whole.

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    Producers: Honeywax, Inc.®


    Startling visits to countless ECD Sites more so of those that are struggling to improve manners of feeding and nurturing. Malnutrition is our main concern and we'll be ascertaining if parents are happy with the visited centres. We are open for inputs from the centre heads and the parents at reach.

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